Patient Reviews & Reputation Monitoring

When you’re choosing a restaurant or purchasing something online, what’s the first thing you do? Read the reviews, of course. Give your patients an easy platform to share their positive experience with the world through your patient portal; link these reviews to your social networks and Yelp to increase your reach.

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Google, Yelp and Facebook.

The big three. Why waste time generating patient reviews through a third party that no one will see? Ask yourself: How many times do you check online reviews from a patient reminder app? We only get reviews for Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Stop Negative Reviews

Worried that you might become exposed to negative reviews? Fear not, our program pre-screens reviews and only allows 4 and 5 star reviews!

Create Value in Testimonials

Proud of your practice? Let your patients’ speak for your work and passion! The number one patient source is referrals and what is a better validator than a five-star review?

Tip the Scales with Daily Patient Reviews

Not only are Google, Yelp & Facebook reviews trusted, but getting them may be the single-most important thing you can do inside your practice to positively affect your search engine rankings.

Our Patient Reviews & Reputation Monitoring gives you direct control over your reputation. Third party manufactured reviews do not boost your ranking, leaving you with less visibility. Your practice needs Google, Yelp & Facebook reviews, and lots of them!

Leveraging our Patient Reviews & Reputation Monitoring’s deep-linking technology software gives your practice the ability to easily generate Google, Yelp & Facebook reviews right inside your practice. No more crossing your fingers and hoping patients will remember to review you after they return home and resume their busy lives!

  • We utilize deep-linking cell phone technology
  • Only posts 4 to 5-star reviews
  • Compatible with all major mobile OS
  • Integration with your Google, Yelp & Facebook accounts

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