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1. Greet

Check-in your patient as normal and let them know they will be receiving a text message from you.

2. Send

Easily send an SMS text message or email to your patient to allow them to quickly leave a Google review.

3. Notify

DIGI Search will send you a notification as you receive new Google reviews for your practice.

How Do We Get More Reviews ?

The key to getting more Google Reviews is simple, make the process easy for your patients. By sending your patients an SMS message at check-in, you eliminate confusing review cards or having to hunt for your Google listing.

The team at DIGI Search will offer advice and best practices for your team to use to put you on the path to more Google reviews. The case study below shows how Dr. Brender in Austin, TX used the patient reviews program to increase the number of new patients he was seeing each month.

Case Study: Dr. Brender

Dr. Dennis Brender, a dentist in Austin, TX, was looking to increase his new patient numbers in order to sell his business. By incorporating the DIGI Search reviews program, he was able to not only increase his number of reviews by over 700%, but he improved his average rating on Google from 4.6 stars to 4.9 stars.

This improvement in his overall rating and number of reviews has helped Dr. Brender gain more new patients, improving his monthly new patient count from 12 to over 40. Dr. Brender puts the credit for this solely on his improved online presence due to asking his current patients for Google reviews.

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