Barnes Collection

A Picturesque Modern Classic

Our Barnes collection is the perfect design to bring your dental practice to life and stand out among your competitors. With a large, dynamic layout, it is best suited for practices with a lot of character and bright branding. Large, colorful logos are prominently displayed at the top of the website. The home page provides a textured and playful user experience, with areas for your patients and prospective patients to really get a feel for your practice before they call.

Design Details

View an animated demo of the design below, as well as a list of core features.

  • Large Eye-Catching Images
  • 3-4 Color Wireframe
  • Animated and Responsive
  • Multi-Specialty Design
  • Flexible Branding
  • Hover Animation and Styling
  • Large, Stylized Dividers
  • Excited Patient Experience
  • Modern and Classic Appearance


Built-In Textures

Amplify your dental practice’s branding with various textured backgrounds and dividers. Our design is meant to support existing branding and amplify it with complementary elements. Can be classic, traditional, modern, or playful!

Floating Primary Logo

Use the Barnes design to really show off your new logo. Best for square or circular logos, the Barnes design places your office’s logo at the forefront of the website and scales it down to a similarly prominent mobile feature.

Dynamic Services Tiling

Feature four services or calls to action in a one-of-a-kind four-pack. Contributing to the scrolling experience, the Barnes design allows a dental practice to choose 4 existing services to link to with hover-triggered intro text.

Mobile Preview

Live Examples

Children’s Dentistry Northwest

Children’s Dentistry Northwest

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