Cassidy Collection

Understated Elegance

The Cassidy collection caters to the dental practice seeking a warm, classic feel with a soft touch. The moderate look pushes your content to the forefront allowing patients of all ages to engage with your practice with an easy-to-navigate layout and an emphasis on readability. A professional and full-featured solution, the Cassidy collection was created with flexibility to suit any practice with existing branding and to offer those without a polished identity.

Design Details

View an animated demo of the design below, as well as a list of core features.

  • Increased Readability
  • Content Forward
  • Lightweight and Responsive
  • Full Feature Suite
  • Flexible Branding
  • Ready-to-Launch
  • Subtle Interactive Animations
  • Engaging Patient Experience
  • Clean and Uncluttered Appearance


Dynamic Header Message Bar

The Cassidy is the first of our collections to boast a customizable message and link bar at the top of the page. Draw new patients in with a special, highlight a featured service, or share an update about your practice.

Warm Contrasting Colors

A soft white background and neutral serif fonts provide a gentle and welcoming feel for new patients. The brass accent color was selected to work alongside any existing branding for a polished look.

Conversion Focused

Drive engagement with clear, easy-to-find buttons that jump off the screen. The Cassidy collection is designed to convert clicks into new patient appointments.

Mobile Preview