Wagner Collection

As Confident and Welcoming as Your Dental Practice

Introducing the Wagner collection, a modern design featuring trendy honeycomb accents to bring a touch of nature and elegance to its bright and colorful look. The bold and vibrant palette creates a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere for patients new to your dental practice. The Wagner collection will help your practice stand out from the competition while providing a fun, yet easy-to-navigate experience your patients will love.

Design Details

View an animated demo of the design below, as well as a list of core features.

  • Bright and lively colors
  • Modern geometric accents
  • Fast and responsive
  • Dynamic header bar
  • Inclusive Photography
  • Clear and concise content
  • Bold and confident
  • Customizable branding
  • Patient-focused design


Modern Aesthetics

The Wagner collection offers patients a sleek interface that follows the latest technology trends and sophisticated accents to compliment your modern office.

Playful and Professional Palette

Stand out from the sterile templated sites offered by other brands with a color scheme that exudes confidence and a welcoming presence.

Customizable Branding

A clean layout and neutrally white branding bar are flexible enough to compliment any logo or color branding your office is already using. Just drop in your logo and you are ready to go!

Mobile Preview

Live Examples

Texas Choice Dental

Kidz Dental Charlotte South