The Three Major Red Flags in Dental Website Services: Insights from DIGI Search

Chris Brown from DIGI Search highlights three red flags that every dentist should be aware of when choosing a website service provider. From tricky long-term contracts to hidden pricing, learn what to avoid to ensure your practice receives the honest and effective marketing support it needs.
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Choosing the right digital marketing partner for your dental practice is crucial, and avoiding certain pitfalls can save you both time and frustration. Chris Brown, CEO of DIGI Search, brings his personal experience into play to help dentists and office managers identify three significant red flags when considering a new website service provider.

The first red flag is long-term contracts. Often, these are used by companies as a means to lock in clients without guaranteeing timely or effective service. Chris explains that promises like “let’s revisit this in 12 months” are common indicators that not much will be accomplished.

The second warning sign is over-bundling of services. Chris points out that these are typically offered by companies when they bundle a website with other services, like patient management systems, which might not offer the best value or relevance to your specific needs.

Lastly, the absence of clear pricing on a provider’s website is a major concern. Chris stresses that if you need to make a long call just to learn about pricing, the transparency and straightforwardness of the company are questionable. Often, this scenario leads to high costs being revealed much later in the conversation.

Chris founded DIGI Search to counter these industry shortcomings by providing transparent, contract-free, and supportive services that truly understand and cater to the needs of dental practices. DIGI Search encourages practices to demand better standards where the website, the cornerstone of all dental marketing, is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

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