Maximize and grow your online footprint. At DIGI Search, we develop marketing packages to build your practice's authority, relevance, and activity in the eyes of patients and search engines alike.
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Dental Optimization

Does your website actively contribute to attracting and sustaining patients for your dental practice? At DIGI Search, we know that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we developed our optimization packages to reflect the needs of your area, budget, and practice culture.


Authority refers to a Search Engine’s internal valuation of a website, business, or individual and is used primarily in reference to competing actors. We take steps to increase how Google understands your business and leverage the search authority.
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Relevance broadly refers to the likelihood that your website is selected in a search result for a query. Our websites set practices up for success by allowing us to optimize a library of content to increase broad match queries and dominate the first page of Googe.

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Engagement refers to Google’s ability and tendency to prioritize websites it sees as ‘active’ or ‘interested’ in it’s customer base. We can send signals to Google that give your practice an edge over the competition through activity-focused optimization packages.

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Optimize Your Practice

Optimization that Suits Your Practice


Optimize your website and clean up your practice’s external listings to positively influence search engines.


Build a bastion of 5-star reviews from your existing patients with enhanced text messaging directly into Google.


Top-tier dental blog posts give search engines a wealth of content to better showcase your website.


Target the highest converting patients from the top of Google search results with targeted paid ads.

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We take the burden of managing a digital practice off of your staff so you can get back to focusing on keeping your patients happy and healthy.