Our team of US-Based dental writers are the ultimate experts in ghostwriting for dental practices. We research extensively and prepare a robust, regular stream of content that mirrors your brand and exponentially increases your SEO!
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Search-Optimized Blogs

Amplified Content Marketing

How do you differentiate yourself from the other practices in your area? A high-quality dental blog is an untapped opportunity for dental practices to outpace their competition by providing fresh, targeted content on a regular basis.

The standard DIGI Search website contains 70 pages of high-quality, educational dental content. By running a blog program for 6 months, you can more than DOUBLE that amount and give search engines more ways to showcase your site.

With our custom blogs, you own the content forever, so even if you leave DIGI Search (we don’t think you will), your blogs can go with you.

The Competitive Edge

Blogs are the essential building block in creating an immutable local presence that can springboard into new organic opportunities like social media, backlinking, and long-tail queries.

How it Works

Our Methodology and Expertise

Before writing a single word, our team completes an extensive discovery process to compile strategic and creative information about you and your practice. Our expert writers use this information to craft content that reflects your brand, is relevant to your local audience, and is medically sound. We focus on these three areas to ghostwrite effectively for your practice:

Voice and Tone

We intentionally describe an ideal profile that you would like us to adhere to as we represent your practice. This includes your voice, style and professional tone for the practice. Is the goal to inform or educate? Is your tone warm and inviting, or is it professional and technical?

Practice Profile

In order to saturate Google with relevant information, we also include important details about your practice like handicap accessibility and local landmarks. We build an ideal patient profile based on demographic and age data.


To drive the most SEO benefits, your content is focused on key services that are important to you. Search engines will increase content relevance in your local area as they are referencing dozens of pages of service-relevant content on your site!

Pricing and Packaging

Professional Blog Packages

How can we help?

We take the burden of managing a digital practice off of your staff so you can get back to focusing on keeping your patients happy and healthy.