Our Search Engine Optimization plans are adaptable to the location, demographics, and specialties of your practice. Our goal is to make SEO transparent, powerful, and reasonably-priced for you.
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Adaptive SEO for Dentists

What is Adaptive SEO?

We believe that Search Optimization is a requirement for 99% of all dental practices. The lack of an optimized online presence can hold your practice back from finding new patients in a competitive market. Don’t let your competitors take advantage of SEO to shutter you out.

There is no standard formula for SEO, each program is customized around your practice to influence Google to prioritize you over other offices with the goal of gaining website traffic and patient calls. At DIGI Search, we specialize in coding for indexability, generating website authority, and leveraging digital tools to make your practice stand out online.

Whether you are a new dentist or an established practice looking to sell, SEO is a powerful and necessary tool to add value to your practice.

How it Works

Enhanced Optimization

Google is constantly updating its search engines, and the age of keyword “rankings” and SEO “scores” is over! Google showcases unique results to all users, and they tell us exactly what your practice needs to do. Our SEO programs follow Google’s best practices and guidelines to support a holistic SEO strategy built around increasing your authority, relevance, and engagement.

Adaptive SEO starts with Enhanced Optimization to create a profile of your business that is coded into your website using content as the markers. This anchors Google’s understanding of your practice to the website and its associated assets. Enhanced Optimization includes:



We attach structured data to the core elements of your business, including your location, hours, logo, FAQs, and more!



Custom-written metadata and alt tags on your website control SERP appearance and inject location data.


Index Now

No more waiting for search engines to scan your website, we can submit to them directly to search engines!



Your business has hundreds of public listings, whether you created them or not. We find, claim, and update those listings for information consistency to increase the authority of your practice. This is standard with all SEO packages.


Google Business Pages

This increasingly important asset gives Google more data on your business and highlights reviews. We connect this to your SEO program and connect it to your website and practice.


Conversion Tracking

All the number 1 rankings and website traffic don’t matter unless you gain patients With our advanced analytics, we can showcase the number of organic visitors converting from your site.

Pricing and Packaging

Search Engine Optimization Packages

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We take the burden of managing a digital practice off of your staff so you can get back to focusing on keeping your patients happy and healthy.