Palmer Collection

At the Intersection of Form and Function

A refreshing design, the Palmer collection is filled with shades of ocean blue and white crested waves. A fully-functional website, this design suite boasts all the latest technology and additional services to make your dental practice shine for new and existing patients. Your website will be at the corner of form and function with the Palmer collection and its calming essence.

Design Details

View an animated demo of the design below, as well as a list of core features.

  • Blog Integration with Content Capabilities
  • Familiar Navigation Feel
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Integrated Web Analytics
  • Unlimited Text and Photo Updates
  • Secure Contact Form
  • Fully Customizable WordPress Platform
  • Live Patient Reviews
  • Integrated reCaptcha v3 Security
  • Copy Writing Provided
  • Interactive Map
  • Includes all Images and Assets


Smiles for Any Size Practice

Whether you have 20 locations or just one, the Palmer collection will cater to all of your website needs with one clean and polished design. You don’t have to worry about greeting your patients at the door, you’ve already greeted them on your dental practice website.

What the Patients are Saying

Word of mouth, even in today’s fast paced eco-system, is still the very best way to gain new patients. With the Palmer collection, we put your real patient reviews on a pedestal so your new patients know what to expect when they come into your dental practice.

Keep in Touch

By utilizing the most cutting edge technology, DIGI Search has mastered the art of customer contact. No need to worry about spam with our websites, we are constantly monitoring and improving our filtering services so you only hear from who matters most; the patients.

Mobile Preview