Prince Collection

A leader-first design with a truly custom feel

Meet the Prince collection! Our exciting new design helps put your best foot forward by featuring a photograph of your top doctor in the forefront. You built up your practice’s reputation, and now your website can reflect the hard work and dedication you put into your dental practice. The Prince collection sets a neutral gray-scale base with a pop of bright color and texture, giving your website a clean, modern feel that welcomes patients of all ages and demographics.

Design Details

View an animated demo of the design below, as well as a list of core features.

  • Neutral gray-scale base
  • Pop of color to highlight actions
  • Works with any branding
  • Doctor-first imagery
  • Quick Links actions
  • Animated counters
  • Fun highlighted headings
  • Subtle animations
  • Easily conforms to branding


Leader Mentality

A design that feels incredibly custom when paired with a photograph of yourself, the doctor who built the reputation of your practice.

Enhanced Doctor Biography

Your website is your digital business card. Our new doctor page shows off your career highlights with an expanded profile design.

Single-click Actions

Help your patients easily navigate to the most important areas of your site with a single click, without having to fuss with menus. These 4 links can be customized to fit your needs.

Mobile Preview

How can we help?

We take the burden of managing a digital practice off of your staff so you can get back to focusing on keeping your patients happy and healthy.