Here at DIGI Search, we strive to bring you the brightest and best possible services for your dental practice and the track record proves it! As technology advances, we are laser-focused on making sure the vendors we work with are good people with integrity who care about service just as much as we do. We have a strong litmus test that determines if the company is worthy of getting into a partnership, potentially exposing our own reputation as we bring new vendors into the fold. Only after careful research and making sure that a vendor’s vision aligns with ours do we welcome them into the DIGI Search family. Our goal is and always will be finding you quality patients for your dental practice.

Over the past few years, we have closely followed review-building software in an effort to bring our clients the means to grow their Google reviews. We have recently found a new vendor who has better automation, higher success, better-reporting technology, and additional features. And, for our customers who currently subscribe to our Reviews service, all of these wonderful upgrades come at no additional cost.

Introducing Swell

Swell, based in Salt Lake City, UT, has been in the business of online reviews and patient outreach for over 5 years. Their entire support staff is US-based and ready to help with whatever their loyal Swell customers need. With advanced analytics and an easy-to-use interface, Swell boosts your practice for you by reaching out, automatically, to your patient to solicit a favorable review for your practice. They’ve prided themselves in the inner workings of review solicitations but also the aesthetic is certainly not forgotten in this program.

Swell prides itself in bringing a whole host of services included with their base package. There will never be an upsell because you’re already getting all the amazing elements of their software the moment you sign up. From start to finish, they will walk you through the entire setup and running of your campaign so you have the confidence and knowledge to bring more patients into your practice. While Swell supports dozens of industries, and supports them well, they take a special interest in the dental industry and the successes they have had there.

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Case Study: Automated Swell Reviews vs. Manual Solicitation

For many of our clients, the manual solicitation of reviews allowed them the control and personalization that they needed to maintain a quality patient experience. In Swell, that is still possible! One of the core benefits of Swell is the Enhanced Text Message, in which a phone number is registered with TCR to ensure deliverability. However, in an effort to prove an effective and affordable automated solution, DIGI Search ran multiple tests with existing DIGI Search clients.

As you can see from the chart below, in just a couple of months’ time, the client has enjoyed a 20% increase in reviews while using Swell, but what the chart doesn’t show are the labor hours saved by automating the reminders and follow-ups. With the fully dynamic, real-time dashboard, it’s easy to see what reviews are being left and whether a reaction is called for. You can even respond to reviews directly from the dashboard.

Because reviews are such a powerful tool to tell the story of your practice, every last one of them matters. Below is a fantastic example of a trusted source with honest reviews that are not censored (notice the 4.8 ratings). Also, notice that the client enjoyed a 7% increase on their current reviews count since making the switch to Swell, that’s 35 additional stories being told, right on Google and their home page. Not only does this increase trust and authority in your practice, but it also helps with SEO and patient retention. The outreach matters and has a real impact on your return on investment.


A staggering half of online consumers put as much trust in a favorable review for a business as they would a recommendation from a close friend. With powerful statistics such as these, it’s easy to understand why online reviews are a compliment to the reputation that your practice has built. By showing what real-life patients have to say about you and your staff, you gain the authority to tell people that you run an amazing practice (everyone says).

74% of consumers say that reviews increase trust in a company, which is especially important in the dental industry where many patients feel anxious about the experience. By increasing reviews, you are able to strengthen your brand reputation locally, where it matters. Gaining favorable reviews for your business will also help to prioritize your practice with the major search engines, making you more visible to potential new patients.

8 out of 10 consumers report that they always check consumer reviews, either on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, or elsewhere and businesses report an increase of an average of 18% in sales annually when they have more positive reviews to back their business.

According to recent studies, you are 12% more likely to solicit a review from a patient if you send a text. Since the texts are automated, there’s nothing to do but check the patient in. The integration will take care of the rest. It’s estimated that 80% of all reviews are the result of a reminder from the business. Set your potential patients’ minds at ease with patient reviews by letting them know that they are in good hands with a good dentist.