Preparing Your Dental Practice for the Holidays

Keeping your patients informed about your holiday schedule and emergency protocols is crucial. Learn how to update your hours with ease!
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The Importance of Updating Holiday Hours

Keeping your patients informed about your holiday schedule and emergency protocols is crucial.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, it’s crucial for dental practices to prepare for the upcoming changes in schedule. Updating your practice’s hours during the holidays is not just about operational adjustments; it’s a key part of patient communication and service continuity. It ensures your patients are well-informed about your availability and helps manage their expectations, especially in case of emergencies.

How to Update Your Hours with Ease

At DIGI Search, we’ve streamlined the process of updating your holiday hours to ensure it’s hassle-free. All you need to do is send an email to the DIGI support team with your updated schedule. Our team will update a notice on your website showcasing your holiday hours. If you are an SEO client with DIGI Search, our team will also update your Google Business Profile and SEO profile to ensure these changes are published across the internet to inform your patients.

While we can implement these changes in as little as two hours, we encourage our clients to inform us a couple of days in advance. This foresight allows for smoother transitions and ensures your patients have ample time to note the changes.

Planning for Dental Emergencies During Holidays

While the holidays are a time for relaxation and festivities, dental emergencies can still occur. It’s important for your practice to have a plan in place to address any such situations. Here are a few tips to ensure your patients are taken care of:

  • Emergency Contact Information: Ensure that your website and Google My Business page include clear instructions and contact information for dental emergencies.
  • Referral System: If your practice is closed, consider setting up a referral system with a nearby dental clinic that can handle emergencies during your absence.
  • Informative Auto-Responses: Set up auto-response emails and voicemail messages that provide emergency contact information and guidance.

Communication is Key

Keeping your patients informed about your holiday schedule and emergency protocols is crucial. Utilize your website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to communicate these updates effectively. Clear and timely communication not only demonstrates your commitment to patient care but also enhances your practice’s reputation for reliability and professionalism.

Our Commitment to Your Practice

At DIGI Search, we understand the importance of these holiday preparations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your practice’s digital presence is accurately updated, reflecting your commitment to patient care and convenience. As your partner in digital marketing, we are here to support your practice in making the holiday season as smooth and stress-free as possible for both you and your patients.

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