Tracking Your Practice’s SEO Success

Your dental practice’s website is a key component of attracting new patients, and a robust Dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy can elevate your online visibility. Optimizing your online presence ensures that potential patients can easily find you in their online searches.
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Once your website is optimized, the next important step is to track your program’s success accurately. DIGI Search is here to guide you on effective ways to track the growth and success of your SEO program. By properly tracking your program, you can highlight victories and discover new opportunities to expand your practice.

Let’s explore the best ways to track SEO success while also avoiding outdated tracking methods.

Tracking Keyword Position & Rankings

For many years, keyword position tracking has been the go-to method for showcasing SEO success. Users could perform a quick search to see how their website ranked against competitors for specific keyword phrases.  This method did have a few drawbacks, including:

  • Narrow Focus: Keyword position tracking only tracks the performance of entered keyword phrases, potentially missing out on searches that could bring in more patients.
  • Overemphasis on Competitors: Focusing on individual keywords might lead practices to copy competitors without knowing if their strategies are effective.
  • Lack of Actionable Metrics: Knowing your ranking position is interesting, but without data on how many patients visit your site from these searches, improvements are challenging.

Why Not Focus on Keyword Position?

Search engines have evolved to provide personalized results based on factors like device used, location, search history, and visited websites. This makes traditional keyword ranking reports less reliable. Dynamic search results delivered from search engines like Google and Bing cater to individual users, showcasing unique results for the same searches. This makes reliance on ranking reports confusing and less beneficial for growth.

Tracking Success in Google Analytics

Instead of focusing on keyword rankings, leveraging the data provided by Google in their Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools can provide a more comprehensive and actionable view of your website’s performance.

Google Analytics provides your practice with insights that allow you to:

  • Analyze Performance: Track visitor numbers over time to highlight growth.
  • Understand Traffic Sources: Identify visitors from SEO-driven Organic search results.
  • Evaluate User Engagement: Understand what visitors do on your site, revealing valuable insights.

Google Analytics can also take advantage of integration with Google Search Console, which provides even more information on search queries that patients use to find your website organically. These tools empower your SEO team to understand areas of growth for your SEO program to reach even more patients.

By harnessing the wealth of audience insights from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, your SEO team can tailor strategies for your practice’s specific needs. If you’re looking for expert SEO assistance for your dental practice, reach out to the DIGI Search team today!

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