Want to know a surefire way to tell if your SEO company is a bad fit for your dental practice? Here are four:

#1 They Emphasize Things That Don’t Matter

At the end of the day, good SEO leads to dollar signs. Do you call up your SEO company asking about the results you’re getting you and get the runaround instead? If they emphasize click-throughs or listings rather than talking about your ranking, which is what really matters, they aren’t doing their job. If they aren’t working on things that lead to patients through your door, you need to move on…fast.

#2 They Only Care About One Aspect of SEO

Organic search is the gold standard of SEO, but an SEO company should be aware of broadening strategies to get new patients. The three-pronged approach to good ranking is: having a good website, having a strong off page presence and continually getting patient reviews. This holistic approach ultimately affects all aspect of the online presence of your practice.

#3 They Don’t Know Your Industry

Your business has goals that you want to reach. Does your SEO company utilize the same strategy for you as the dry cleaners down the street? If they do not understand your business, you need to find a company that will. They can’t be chasing rankings and fast results, especially not without a full understanding of your business. At DIGI Search, we specialize in the dental and medical industry with decades of experience.

#4 They Don’t Adapt or Adjust

A good SEO company is always going to be looking at the results they are getting you and adjusting their campaigns as needed to see what will get them better results. The website is an important part of this. In this rapidly changing environment, it is important to stay ahead of trends and to create SEO strategies that stand the test of time. At DIGI Search we do not participate in any gray-hat or black-hat SEO tactics. That’s we are able to optimize and improve – by having a strong base that is always ahead of the next big change!

Does your SEO company fit any of these descriptions? If so, it’s time you move on to a new one. Luckily for you, recovering shouldn’t be difficult so long as you didn’t choose a scam SEO company that promised fast results and then went and dropped backlinks to your website on blacklisted sites. If that’s the case, you’re going to need an expert to help you recover.

Hopefully, your SEO company has just been lazy and they haven’t done anything to hurt you (but they haven’t done much to help you either). If that’s the case, we can take a look and being the process of undoing any of the damage that has been done.